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Ecoflap video – smooth delivery in action

Ecoflap video: deliveries pass through without obstruction

This Ecoflap video demonstrates a letter box draught excluder that shuts quietly and reliably every time. Your papers and post arrive unmangled and drop securely on to your door mat, not wedged in the letterbox, obstructed by brushes and hinges.

Effective draught exclusion

Watch post pass through an ordinary letter box fitted with an Ecoflap, allowing the Ecoflap to shut behind itself and keep out draughts. If you have any questions about whether it would fit your door (and chances are it will), please double check our Will it Fit? page. If you’re still not sure, we’ll be very happy to answer your questions via our Contact page.

Why other letter box draught excluders fail

ecoflap video

No more of this, a letterbox wedged open by a delivery stuck in the brushes

Most letterbox draught excluders work by creating a physical barrier for draughts and rain, usually in the form of brushes to stop wind and hinges that force the flap back into place, but unfortunately that also presents a barrier to your post. This is why post often sits stuck in the letterbox all day, letting great gusts of air into your home. This style of letter box draught excluder is inherently flawed as the hinges break from the stresses placed on them and the obstructions to deliveries stop the smooth delivery of post and parcels you’d like to receive unchewed.

Why Ecoflap works: no springs, no brushes – no problem

The Ecoflap letter box draught excluder works completely differently. The balancing means that it always blows more firmly shut but without presenting a barrier to deliveries. The simple but effective design makes the Ecoflap a robust and effective letter box system: no springs, no brushes, no problem. Post, leaflets, newspapers and parcels slip straight through without hindrance, so the Ecoflap closes itself neatly behind them and carries on keeping out draughts. Nothing could be simpler.

Installing an Ecoflap: the film

Installing an Ecoflap

We’ve been promising it for weeks, and now here is the new How to Fit an Ecoflap video, complete, uploaded and ready to help you (or your customers or your handy persons or anyone installing an Ecoflap) fit that Ecoflap perfectly to keep your home draught-free.

installing an Ecoflap

Identifying the all-important locator lip

Installing an Ecoflap is simple

Installing an Ecoflap is so simple – clean up your letterbox, centre the Ecoflap, apply sealant, press gently – but this video covers the optional extras (such as installing the Ecoflap with screws instead of or as well as using sealant) and little points to consider. It’s narrated in a beautiful soft Scottish accent and bounces along to a happy tune. It’s not quite Pharrell Williams, but it’s got more zip than the average DIY video. Our favourite bit? The small pause after “We recommend fixing the EcoFlap to the door…” – well yes, we do! However, in theory at least, an Ecoflap can be fitted to any location that has a letter box. Please contact us if you have any queries about fitting and Ecoflap to anything other than a standard front door.

Get the best energy savings

We’re reviewing and updating all the videos on our site and have plans for additional ones. All our films are aimed at helping consumers get the best from their Ecoflap and get the best energy savings. If there’s anything you’d like to see that isn’t there at the moment it may well be in the pipeline, but please do get in touch. Don’t forget we’re on Twitter too @Ecoflap if you’d like to contact us that way.

The waterproof Ecoflap

The waterproof Ecoflap under test conditions

The same design principles that make the Ecoflap so draughtproof also enable it to withstand high water pressure, as demonstrated in our video. The wood of the door let through water while the  waterproof Ecoflap resisted for the duration of the test.

We put the Ecoflap through its paces with 100 pascals of water pressure for several minutes – watch the video to see what happens. Please bear with the video as the quality isn’t what it might be but it demonstrates the point.

Flood defence

If you’re in a flood-prone area and have installed flood defence measures, you don’t need to worry that the letterbox is the weak link. An Ecoflap on the inside of your door will withstand a great deal of water, as it will only be pushed further shut the greater the pressure.

In an article from the Hull Daily Mail in December 2013, one Hull resident used anything to hand to try to block her letterbox, including cushions, as water gushed in, but sadly the water won and caused a great deal of destruction. In this article on the Somerset floods, water “gushing through your letterbox” is taken to be a predictable element of flooding, as it is in the comments on this article on ThinkinGardens. Pendle Borough Council recognises the risk posed by an ordinary letterbox and in an article no longer online advised sealing up letterboxes in the event of a flood warning.

The Ecoflap may not prevent your house being flooded in the event of very serious weather events, but it could buy you vital time and will without doubt play a significant part in your flood defences. And all the while we just have cold and windy weather to put up with, the Ecoflap will prevent draughts whistling through your letterbox and help to keep your house warm and your thermostat down.

Fitting Ecoflap without screws, nails or drills

fitting Ecoflap

Ecoflaps take about 2 minutes to fit

Using bathroom sealant you can safely stick the Ecoflap simply and cleanly to uPVC doors.

For those who prefer fitting Ecoflap with a more traditional mounting, you can mount with small screws for wood doors or with other adhesives for other surfaces.

Fitting Ecoflap is simple, but be sure to use the built-in lip on the Ecoflap to match up with the existing letter box aperture to align to the centre. The entire fitting should take less than two minutes.

N.B. Ecoflap works with horizontal letter box apertures only. Ecoflap will fit most letter boxes and door designs – even those with cross bars – but please check our Will it Fit? page, and/or download measurements to check.

Download measurement PDFs here:

General Measurements
Side on Measurements

Video: How to fit an Ecoflap

 Download printable full data sheet of dimensions here and Side-on-Measurements

Dimensions: Weight – 340g – Overall external size – 330mm x 117.5mm – Max internal aperture – 287.5mm x 53.25

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