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Eco-Logisch brings Ecoflap to the Netherlands

Ecoflap is pleased to announce that Eco-Logisch has joined our growing International Distributor list

eco-logisch-top-logoWorking in the Dutch, Belgium and German market, Eco-Logisch has started distributing Ecoflap and is actively supporting it along with contributing local language market translations and local market knowledge and intelligence.

Eco-Logisch is focused on providing ecologically and environmentally responsible products to busineses who understand their importance but still manage to do so without compromising on service and quality, yet deliver them at a competitive price.

We look forward to a successful partnership and to warmer and quieter times for many more letterboxes in the homes and businesses of our European neighbours.


The Daily Mirror’s Fiona Duffy & Nigel Berman play draughts!

Daily Mirror’s Fiona gets help from Nigel’s Eco Store

We have all enjoyed the red-hot weather in September and October 2011 but the coming winter is predicated to be super cold.

Saving energy and keeping warm on a budget, even in an older house, are part of Nigel’s mission to keep us all safe from the coming freeze.

Daily Mirror's Fiona Duffy gets help from Nigel Berman

Ecoflap working well to keep Fiona warm!

First off he attacks the big hole in Fiona’s house, the letterbox, and as expected he fits the best solution around our Ecoflap.

The result? Instantly the house feels warmer!

Next he worked on improving the effectiveness of radiators using low power fans and heat reflectors.

Following that using a simple double glazing film and a hair dryer he produces near invisible extra draught protection for old windows.

Eventually tracking down remaining draughts around doors and stopping them with excluders to seal around them.

Ending the attack on draughts with wooden floor board gap filler to discreetly seal them too.

Everything, including the Ecolfap all came in at a cost of £101.84 from Nigel’s Eco Store.


Ecoflap in Windows Active

Ecoflap and Ecoflap Twin featured in the May edition of Windows Active

The main trade magazine for door & window fabricators and installers has a feature explaining the major benefits of Ecoflap to the UK industry.

We are delighted to see Ecoflap being recognized and supported by an increasing number of companies and energy saving bodies in the UK but in one way we are not surprised.

Ecoflap embodies the main concerns everyone has in tough times, it saves money, energy and take virtually no time to fit.

If you want to see what Windows Active says, have a look at the PDF file Windows Active Ecoflap Article.

How does Ecoflap work?

Use the force! The wind keeps it shut.

How does Ecoflap work?EF5354

The Ecoflap patented design ensures that whichever way the wind blows, Ecoflap blows itself shut and draught-proof. It is so effective it withstands 100mph winds yet the subtle difference in balanced forces means it can open with a single sheet of paper.

Here’s the science

The force always pushes harder to close the Ecoflap rather open it. This is because pivoting in the middle, viewed from the front, the top of the flap has the larger surface area. Viewed from the rear the lower part is largest, so the Ecoflap is always presenting its largest area to the draught, which blows it shut, not open. This prevents rattling and ensures the Ecoflap shuts behind itself every time.

How do large parcels get through?Large parcels get through an EcoFlap with ease

In additional to this smart but simple engineering, the flap will move completely up and out of the way when something is posted so large items such as Amazon book boxes pass through without being trapped or wedging the flap open. That means no more torn papers and parcels caught in springs. It also means parcels won’t sit wedged half in and half out all day, allowing cold air and damp to flow into your home.

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