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Ecoflap - retrofit energy efficiency

A black Ecoflap retrofitted to a composite door in a 1930s house.

From the Ecoflap listing on The Code Store:

Code for Sustainable Homes Credits

This airtight letter box can help contribute towards:

  • Dwelling Emission Rate (Ene1) Code for Sustainable Homes Credits

 Benefits of the EcoFlap

The Ecoflap is a cost-effective, robust and easily-fitted letter box draught excluder. The Ecoflap’s benefits to architects include:

  • firmly excluding draughts
  • holding back rain and flood water
  • eliminating rattling and flapping
  • fit and forget – no tradesman or householder training needed
  • remaining in service for years with no need for repair or replacement
  • allowing postal deliveries through without a hitch
  • returning to its vertical position every time
  • letter box works completely as normal
  • available in white, brown and black

The Ecoflap is effective and unobtrusive, which makes it a dramatic improvement on traditional brush-and-spring letterbox draught excluders.

Draught proofing and energy efficiency

EcoFlap always returns to its shut position

The EcoFlap shuts behind itself as deliveries pass through without obstruction

The Ecoflap plays a role in increasing the energy efficiency of your projects, making a direct contribution to draught proofing (anecdotally, to 10 times higher than building standards demand). Elimination of letter box draughts in turn reduces the amount of heating required to maintain a comfortable temperature within a house. As many houses have their thermostat in the hallway, the space most affected by letter box draughts, a more even hallway temperature means the thermostat won’t prompt the boiler to heat up unnecessarily.

The Ecoflap is the ideal partner to standard draught proofing measures and energy monitoring systems.


  • we can deliver Ecoflaps direct to your site
  • we can work directly with your or your construction team
  • we offer bulk terms
  • we deliver anywhere in the world

For further information on specifying the Ecoflap and the terms on offer, please get in touch.