Installing an Ecoflap

We’ve been promising it for weeks, and now here is the new How to Fit an Ecoflap video, complete, uploaded and ready to help you (or your customers or your handy persons or anyone installing an Ecoflap) fit that Ecoflap perfectly to keep your home draught-free.

installing an Ecoflap

Identifying the all-important locator lip

Installing an Ecoflap is simple

Installing an Ecoflap is so simple – clean up your letterbox, centre the Ecoflap, apply sealant, press gently – but this video covers the optional extras (such as installing the Ecoflap with screws instead of or as well as using sealant) and little points to consider. It’s narrated in a beautiful soft Scottish accent and bounces along to a happy tune. It’s not quite Pharrell Williams, but it’s got more zip than the average DIY video. Our favourite bit? The small pause after “We recommend fixing the EcoFlap to the door…” – well yes, we do! However, in theory at least, an Ecoflap can be fitted to any location that has a letter box. Please contact us if you have any queries about fitting and Ecoflap to anything other than a standard front door.

Get the best energy savings

We’re reviewing and updating all the videos on our site and have plans for additional ones. All our films are aimed at helping consumers get the best from their Ecoflap and get the best energy savings. If there’s anything you’d like to see that isn’t there at the moment it may well be in the pipeline, but please do get in touch. Don’t forget we’re on Twitter too @Ecoflap if you’d like to contact us that way.