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Draughtproof pet door: The Petflap

Draughtproof pet door

We’ve been asked more times than we can remember whether we do a draughtproof pet door, and we always had to answer ‘not yet’, but now the people who brought you the Ecoflap letter box draught excluder have developed the draught-resistant, rattle-free Petflap pet door. Read more on our Petflap site.

Using the same design principles as the Ecoflap, using any airflow to sit more tightly shut aganst its frame rather than flapping and blowing in the breeze, the Petway is an attractive animal-friendly design that will contribute to your home’s energy economy and comfort.

Simple to fit, easy to clean

Small and quiet enough not to intimidate a kitten, big enough for a terrier, the Petflap is set to be a tremendously popular addition to the homes of the UK’s pet lovers. Affordable, simple to fit (view fitting instructions here) and easy to clean, the Petflap addresses the concerns of most cat- and dog-loving homeowners, but there’s no reason why your house rabbit, rat, chinchilla or micro-pig can’t be trained to use it. We have the facility too to create bespoke size and material pet doors, so please get in touch if your needs are less mainstream than the standard Petflap.

Like an Ecoflap but your pet goes through it, not your post

The Petflap will retail for £69 (inc VAT and delivery) and is delivered next day if you order before 3pm Monday-Friday. Orders placed over the weekend are despatched on Monday for delivery on Tuesday. As always we’ll be on hand to answer questions and advise on any fitting queries. It’s very much like buying an Ecoflap, only your pet goes through it, not your post.

Here’s a first look at the Petflap, the British-designed, UK-made revolutionary pet door. Please note it does have a lock, though this isn’t present in the photographs.

If you haven’t yet bought an Ecoflap, why not buy the two together and draughtproof your home for the winter? And if you really want to treat your front door, fit a draughtproof stainless steel Letterplate, also available through our shop, made in the UK and guaranteed for 10 years.



Landlord energy efficiency obligations

Landlord collaboration

EcoFlap in HABM Magazine Jan/Feb 2015

Ecoflap in HABM Magazine Jan/Feb 2015

Our primary aim at Ecoflap is to provide the most effective letterbox draughtproofing solution that (not very much) money can buy and that’s fitted in five minutes. It’s simple but a great deal of engineering expertise has gone into it, together with a clear understanding of draughtproofing, insulation and retrofit issues and the Ecoflap’s place within that.

Clearly Ecoflap has a role for the individual consumer and we champion that with comprehensive information online and thorough pre- and after-sales care for those people who have quirky letterbox arrangements. However, Ecoflaps can also play a significant part in helping landlords, both private and social, to meet their obligations on energy and efficiency and to make their tenants’ homes more affordable to run.

Landlord information

We’ll shortly be adding a section to our website explaining the benefits to landlords of installing Ecoflaps in their properties (and outlining the new legislation on properties in bands F and G that comes into force in 2018, covered in some detail in this Guardian article and discussed in this ARC Window Films blog post) and the simplicity of installing Ecoflaps. We can work with landlords to accommodate irregular doors, and we offer a bulk purchase price and delivery direct to site.

HABM Magazine

With all this is mind, we were particularly pleased to be featured in the January/February issue of Housing Association Building & Maintenance magazine. If you’re a landlord, we look forward to chatting to you about helping your tenants to more affordable, draught-free and cosy homes.


Installing an Ecoflap: the film

Installing an Ecoflap

We’ve been promising it for weeks, and now here is the new How to Fit an Ecoflap video, complete, uploaded and ready to help you (or your customers or your handy persons or anyone installing an Ecoflap) fit that Ecoflap perfectly to keep your home draught-free.

installing an Ecoflap

Identifying the all-important locator lip

Installing an Ecoflap is simple

Installing an Ecoflap is so simple – clean up your letterbox, centre the Ecoflap, apply sealant, press gently – but this video covers the optional extras (such as installing the Ecoflap with screws instead of or as well as using sealant) and little points to consider. It’s narrated in a beautiful soft Scottish accent and bounces along to a happy tune. It’s not quite Pharrell Williams, but it’s got more zip than the average DIY video. Our favourite bit? The small pause after “We recommend fixing the EcoFlap to the door…” – well yes, we do! However, in theory at least, an Ecoflap can be fitted to any location that has a letter box. Please contact us if you have any queries about fitting and Ecoflap to anything other than a standard front door.

Get the best energy savings

We’re reviewing and updating all the videos on our site and have plans for additional ones. All our films are aimed at helping consumers get the best from their Ecoflap and get the best energy savings. If there’s anything you’d like to see that isn’t there at the moment it may well be in the pipeline, but please do get in touch. Don’t forget we’re on Twitter too @Ecoflap if you’d like to contact us that way.

Big Energy Saving Week

BESW_banner_475x86Big Energy Saving Week

Next week is Big Energy Saving Week, and EcoFlap is delighted to take part. Ecoflap helps you save money on your energy bills by cutting draughts through your letterbox. A draughty hallway not only feels unpleasant but can fool your thermostat into believing the whole house is colder than it really is, so the boiler fires up and bingo!, you’re using more coal, gas or electricity than you need to, day after day.

Cut draughts

Ecoflap is always keen to pass on energy saving tips and advice. Big Energy Saving Week is all about helping householders plug the gaps and learn how to use their energy more economically, through events and online material. As part of our involvement we’ve agreed to publish Energy Saving Trust’s publicity material, including the following blog post:

>>British households could save £1.7bn a year by switching appliances off standby, new research from the Energy Saving Trust has found.

In the countdown to next week’s Big Energy Saving Week – a joint campaign between Energy Saving Trust, Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and Citizens Advice – research reveals the number of appliances in homes is sending bills out of control and costing households billions.

Throughout the campaign the Energy Saving Trust will be issuing research and guidance to help householders learn how to take control of their electricity and heating bills with free advice available throughout the week over the phone, online and at events across the UK.

To find a local event visit www.bigenergysavingweek.org.uk.

For further information on saving energy visit www.energysavingtrust.org.uk or call the Energy Saving Advice Service (England and Wales) on 0300 123 1234 or Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282.<<


Retrofit energy efficiency

Ecoflap - retrofit energy efficiency

An Ecoflap retrofitted to a PVC door in a 1930s house

Retrofit energy efficiency “national infrastructure priority”

We were very interested in this UK Green Building Council article today “Home energy efficiency must be a “national infrastructure priority”, major coalition urges”. The article focuses on an open letter to the government, specifically Lord Deighton, Commercial Secretary to the Treasury, signed by 20 organisations across the environment, housing and construction sectors, urging heavy investment in retrofit energy efficiency measures.

Ageing housing stock

The letter emphasises Britain’s dire record on fuel poverty, excess winter deaths and cold, draughty housing stock, and comes as the group of signatories publishes the report A housing stock fit for the future: Making home energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority. The report sets out the wider economic benefits of increased home energy efficiency, eg job creation and decreased seasonal stress on the NHS, rather than simply lower bills for the individual, with an emphasis on retrofit energy efficiency for our rapidly ageing inter-war housing stock.

Low cost, simply installed and tremendously effective

Wherever you stand in the economic chain, increased energy efficiency, retrofit home by home, is undoubtedly desirable and beneficial and should be a priority. We entirely support this group’s calls for funding for retrofit energy efficiency, and would be very happy to play our part. Energy efficiency isn’t all about enormously expensive, disruptive and complex retrofit measures We recently heard a social housing official make two comments:

“nothing is cheap”


“boilers, insulation, double glazing: we’ve picked all the low-hanging fruit”

As a company providing a low-cost, simply installed and tremendously effective retrofit draught-proofing measure suitable for any house with a horizontal letterbox, no matter how old that house, we have to disagree. An Ecoflap complements and enhances any other energy efficiency measure. Insulate your loft, install a more efficient boiler and it’s only common sense to prevent that warm air getting out through leaky windows, but all these measures are slightly less effective if cold air is still coming through the letterbox and needing to be warmed up. If anything was ever low-hanging fruit, it’s an Ecoflap.

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