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commentKarl T – UK

One of the long­standing irritations I’ve had with this house is the front door. It’s a composite one, and it looks badly faded. I was quite surprised to test a bit of it using a green­back scrubber and find the result massively improved. The fading is partly due to it being south facing in direct sun, but also seems to be grime/road dirt influenced, plus the PO’s odd decision to stain it. Pointless, ineffective, and it washes off!

Once I’d got it looking like someone owned it, my annoyance refocussed on the letterbox. It’s a standard brass thing, spring loaded, with a duplicate on the inside of the door. Looks OK, is inherently rattly.  When the wind hits the door, the thing rattles and bangs terribly. No amount of adjustment seems to affect it. We have to resort to a sock stuffed in it, or duct tape to silent it, lest you hear the thing all night long. And god forbid it wakes the kids.

I was all set to fit an external box and blank the main one off, then Jem mentioned a company to
me who made a product called the “Ecoflap”, which was a new sort of “anti­rattle” letterbox. So I
idly fired up Firefox and went for a look. After a look around, and a browse of their youtube
demo videos, I decided what the hell ­ it looks good, it HAS to be better than what I have. So I
ordered an “Ecoflap EX Brown”. 3 days later it arrived ­ I admit to being irrationally excited by
it..heh. I like “off the wall” far better than the norm.

I unpacked it ­ well packaged, feels well made and finished. Removing the old inner flap was
easy ­ 4 minute job. I opted to fit the Ecoflap using 2 screws (difficult, as the door is hard),
backed up by a silicone bead using the same stuff I did the bath with. One bead round the perimeter of the ecoflap, and carefully locate it on the door and press into place, then leave it to set. Bosh. A lightbulb change is about as hard.

3 weeks on, I can honestly say I’ve heard no rattles. All the post has got through fine. Draughts
are WAY down. I’m impressed. Fit and forget, my favourite thing. The only issue I have now is
the external plate is still original, and looks tatty.

Michael B – UK

“I have just bought an Ecoflap and can attest to all that you say about it. It is an excellent product and you are to be congratulated. Secondly and perhaps this is something for your website – I had a particular problem with my letterbox after having installed a larger letterbox flap than before, the problem being that the flap when pushed fully open kept snagging on the bristles of my existing draught proofing and frequently got stuck open. The Ecoflap solved this problem for me because it is deeper and so allows for bigger letterbox door flaps to open fully- and of course remain draught free. You might like to consider adding this as another solution to some letterbox problems. Kind regards, Michael”

John Christophers – Associated Architects – Birmingham UK

“We installed an Ecoflap on our Zero Carbon House, see HERE. It has worked very well and enabled us to achieve an overall Q50 airtightness of 0.97 and N50 airtightness of 0.34. For the non-technical this betters Building Regulations by more than 10X!”

Robert & Gillian Hodges

“We saw your product at the Grand Designs Exhibition at the NEC last week. Ordered one on Sunday and it arrived on Tuesday, which was excellent. I have to say that the product is exactly as advertised – easy to install, looks good on the door and a really clever idea. We had no end of trouble trying to stop the draughts through our mid-Victorian cottage front door but I installed your product this morning and the problem of draughts is now fully resolved. We have a joiner round at the moment doing other work on the house and he was so impressed with your product that he’s taken your details from us!”

Berry Ritchie – Richmond. Surrey

“I recently purchased a white Ecoflap from you, which has proved such a success that I would like to order another, also white, for a friend……………”

Barry Sideaway – Ely, Cambridgeshire

“The Ecoflap arrived in record time the following day…….overall I think it is a great product which lives up to it’s claims and reviews thank you. The product seems very strong and durable….I have to say that customer service is second to none. Can you please persuade Richard to develop a similarly robust flap for the outside?…….”

M. Fletcher West Coast of Scotland

“I bought my Ecoflap the beginning of April. I live on the West Coast of Scotland and we get our fair share of strong winds and rain.

The letter plate on my door was an inward opening spring-loaded type and despite brushes being fitted inside the door, wind and rain found its way onto the floor inside in bad weather. Fitting a new letter plate of the upward opening flat type and my new Ecoflap at the same time, produced the success I had hoped for. I fitted Ecoflap in no time at all, ran a bead of clear sealant around the underside of the letter plate (outer) and that was it – wind and weather proof!

I am so pleased with my Ecoflap’s performance. No springs to sag or snag and it copes with a fairly thick bundle of letters and magazines held with the rubber band that my postman likes to shove through. Only on the second mail delivery through the Ecoflap did he fail to push my mail through with sufficient zing and the mail was left hanging through the Ecoflap at the back. He’s got the hang of it now and the mail shoots through and allows the Ecoflap to close properly. Wonderful!! A great product – every door with a wind and rain issue should have one!”

I Knight Southampton

“As an Architectural Technologist – I revel in innovative products for the built environment. Your product is so simple – yet absolutely brilliant (and already my old drafting door is improved!)………..”

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