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The Ecoflap

    • The Ecoflap is a robust, UK-designed letterbox draught excluder that was designed to solve the problem of rattly, draughty letter boxes.
    • It works by always presenting a larger surface area to airflows (draughts, gusts of wind etc) and so will always be blown firmly shut and rattle-free, yet it is designed to open for deliveries with the merest pressure.
    • It’s fitted very simply to the inside of your door in just a few minutes.
    • It’s a fit-and-forget home draughtproofing solution. Your letter box works just as it always did, but draught-free.

The Ecoflap works through clever but simple balanced design that allows deliveries to drop through freely. There are no springs or brushes to jam the letterbox open, chew your post or nip fingers. The flap slides up to accommodate deliveries from a single sheet to folded newspapers and Amazon boxes and then shuts behind itself.

By cutting draughts through your door the Ecoflap both helps your home to stay warmer and keeps an even temperature around the door area. Many thermostats are positioned near the front door, so draughts through that door can trigger the thermostat to fire up the boiler unnecessarily and use excess energy. In tests an Ecoflap resisted high pressure water too, remaining leak-free long after the door panels had allowed water through (video on our YouTube channel at

  • Ecoflap, available in white, black and brown, is an established UK-designed product that has already sold in its thousands to very happy customers who value its easy fitting and effectiveness.
  • It is specified by several estate management companies and has a significant part to play complementing standard retrofit measures.
  • We sell Ecoflaps directly at from £27.99 with free despatch, and through resellers in Europe.
  • For big projects we can deliver Ecoflaps direct to site and offer fitting advice for non-standard doors.

Images for use with the Ecoflap Press Pack