The waterproof Ecoflap under test conditions

The same design principles that make the Ecoflap so draughtproof also enable it to withstand high water pressure, as demonstrated in our video. The wood of the door let through water while the  waterproof Ecoflap resisted for the duration of the test.

We put the Ecoflap through its paces with 100 pascals of water pressure for several minutes – watch the video to see what happens. Please bear with the video as the quality isn’t what it might be but it demonstrates the point.

Flood defence

If you’re in a flood-prone area and have installed flood defence measures, you don’t need to worry that the letterbox is the weak link. An Ecoflap on the inside of your door will withstand a great deal of water, as it will only be pushed further shut the greater the pressure.

In an article from the Hull Daily Mail in December 2013, one Hull resident used anything to hand to try to block her letterbox, including cushions, as water gushed in, but sadly the water won and caused a great deal of destruction. In this article on the Somerset floods, water “gushing through your letterbox” is taken to be a predictable element of flooding, as it is in the comments on this article on ThinkinGardens. Pendle Borough Council recognises the risk posed by an ordinary letterbox and in an article no longer online advised sealing up letterboxes in the event of a flood warning.

The Ecoflap may not prevent your house being flooded in the event of very serious weather events, but it could buy you vital time and will without doubt play a significant part in your flood defences. And all the while we just have cold and windy weather to put up with, the Ecoflap will prevent draughts whistling through your letterbox and help to keep your house warm and your thermostat down.