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We love to hear from people interested in the Ecoflap, whether you have a question, comment or want more information. You can also use this form to leave a review.

If your enquiry is about fitting the Ecoflap, please ensure you’ve read the information at Will an Ecoflap fit my door? and Fitting an Ecoflap. If your specific query still isn’t answered, please email including:

  • dimensions of your letter box and, if relevant, door cross bar (if the Ecoflap is to be fitted there)
  • photographs of the door
  • anything else you believe is relevant to your enquiry

PLEASE NOTE: We reply to all enquiries. If you appear not to have received a reply, please check your spam folder and/or email us directly. We are also on Twitter @Ecoflap and Instagram @ecoflap.draughtproofing. We prefer to keep all communications in writing to facilitate sending photos back and forth and keeping measurement information accurately recorded.