Ecoflap - retrofit energy efficiency

An Ecoflap retrofitted to a composite door in a 1930s house.

Privately rented homes come in all shapes and sizes, presenting the A-Z of energy efficiency and insulation problems. The older the home the more involved (but also, perhaps, more interesting) this problem becomes.

Bringing a property up to the soon-to-be required standards of energy efficiency may need measures big and small. At Ecoflaps we understand the importance of attention to detail. The loft insulation, new condensing boiler and energy use tracking software are great ideas and very attractive to prospective tenants, but if the wind is whistling through the letter box there is literally a big hole in your defences against the elements.

Ecoflaps have a number of advantages for the private landlord:

  • they’re cost-effective and cut draughts immediately
  • they fit all sorts of doors (see spec below, but chances are it will fit your properties)
  • they can be fitted in two minutes by you, your contractors or even the tenant
  • they come in a choice of colours (and can even be sprayed to match the internal décor)
  • we can deliver direct to the property or to you
  • we offer a comprehensive support service to advise on fitting to non-standard doors
EcoFlaps cut letter box draughts

Ecoflaps eliminate letter box draughts

Ecoflaps keep out wind and rain

Ecoflaps eliminate draughts and hold back water through clever but very simple engineering. They have no springs or brushes and so open very simply to allow mail, papers and parcels through completely. Not only does this allow for secure delivery but it means the letter box isn’t wedged open, allowing cold air in all day.

Ecoflaps can improve your property

Whether you rent out a relative’s house, a collection of investment properties or an extensive portfolio of accommodation, Ecoflaps can help you deliver increased comfort and energy efficiency to your tenants. Please contact for more information. To buy an Ecoflap please go to our online store at

More details on fitting Ecoflaps are available on our Will it Fit? page.

Dimensions: Weight – 340g – Overall external size – 330mm x 117.5mm – Max internal aperture – 287.5mm x 53.25