Ecoflap Troubleshooting

EcoFlaps cut letter box draughts

Check our troubleshooting guide

We have very few reports of difficulties whether supplying, fitting or using Ecoflap. However, if you do have any query or problem, we want to get things resolved quickly.

Ecoflap was designed to solve problems, so telling us about your experience will help improve the Ecoflap itself, our service or its support. 

Here we outline a few troubleshooting steps that in our experience solve 99% of problems. If these don’t solve your problem please get in touch. If in the end you decide to return your Ecoflap please return it direct to us only if you bought it direct from us, otherwise please return via the outlet that sold it to you. Thank you.

If the Ecoflap is not opening or closing properly please check the following things which have been identified as causing problems in a few cases:

identify the locator lip

Identify the locator lip

  • Are you fitting to a horizontal letter box? The current Ecoflap will NOT work with a vertical letterplates. Sorry, but we are working on it.
  • Check that the locater lip is sitting properly. Check the video here.
  • Check the door for distortion. There may be a slight curvature of your door that could twist or bend an Ecoflap. Often simply using a little extra sealant to build up one area cures this.
  • If you are screw fixing your Ecoflap make sure the middle top screw is not so tight as to distort or warp it.

An Ecoflap on a door with a narrow crossbeam where the existing letterplate is mounted can still be fitted. Please contact us for a solution.

If you see your Ecoflap is damaged at the point of delivery, then please check our returns policy in terms and conditions for more information and use the contact form below if required.

If these do not solve your issue, or if you need to return your Ecoflap for any reason, please contact us here for more information:

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