EcoFlap in red stripy scarf

#coldhomesweek 2014

Here’s a white Ecoflap cosying up in a scarf for #coldhomesweek 2014, the initiative from Energy Bill Revolution that has had us wrapping up in scarves and tweeting selfies in order to raise awareness of the issues around cold homes.

Damp and draughts

Your home can be cold for many reasons, from Mediaeval walls to living at the top of a hill to being damp, added to which each of us has our own idea about what’s an acceptable temperature. Some of us are constantly on our feet, others spend many hours sat still, so there is no one simple answer to how to heat your home in the most appropriate way for you. What we would all agree on though is that we don’t want cold draughts swirling about, and we don’t want to be constantly having to adjust the thermostat – we want to put a solution in place and forget about it.

Ecoflap – a fix and forget solution

The EcoFlap is one such solution. It fits, very simply, on the inside of your letterbox. It’s weighted to blow more firmly shut the harder the wind blows, but puts up no opposition to items being posted through it, so your letter box won’t be left wedged open for hours, letting in lots of cold air. Once your Ecoflap is fixed (no drills, no nails), you can forget all about it – unless of course you pause to admire it every time you collect the post.