benefits of an Ecoflap

Benefits of an Ecoflap

There are many benefits of an Ecoflap being fitted to your front door. We’ve told you lots of times about the Ecoflap’s amazing insulating and draught-excluding properties. We’ve explained that the Ecoflap always shuts nicely behind itself because of the way it’s balanced, and that it won’t rattle when a draught hits it because it’s blown more firmly against its frame. We’ve pointed out that it helps landlords meet their energy efficiency obligations. We’ve explained that it takes just a few minutes to fit and works straight away.


No springs or brushes to jam and chew deliveries

We haven’t said so much though about the Ecoflap’s other benefits. For instance, it has no brushes or springs. It doesn’t need them. That means that deliveries go through the Ecoflap no trouble at all because there’s nothing to resist them. Deliveries won’t be chewed or bent and they won’t struggle to go through, leaving the letterbox jammed open open all day.

Robust Letter Box

The Ecoflap is a robust letterbox. Not only is it made of a durable plastic, but the widget, added a couple of years ago, ensures that the flap lifts up evenly and smoothly, allowing delivery of parcels up to the thickness of the old door stop Yellow Pages. This reduces stress on the Ecoflap preventing weakening of the mechanism. Whether or not you have a draughty letter box, if you find you’re replacing your inner letter plate every so often then an Ecoflap would be a good longer-lasting replacement.

There are many benefits of an Ecoflap to enjoy. It’s quiet, highly efficient and cost-effective. Buy direct from us, and if you place your order before 3pm Monday to Friday, you’ll get it next day!