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  1. Stephen Wessel

    Dear Mr Jessel

    I am so impressed that my letterbox arrived this morning, only a few hours after ordering it! This is a great credit not only to you but also the postal service, especially in view of the weather. I have fitted it very easily and although the wind has dropped now I feel certain it will work as described. So I take my hat off to you as a fellow engineer and problem solver; you deserve to do very well indeed with this invention and I anticipate many more excellent ideas to come from your workshop/studio/factory.

    Thanks again and Happy Christmas to you and your family.

    Stephen Wessel

  2. Sandra Rutt

    Many thanks – ecoflap arrived in excellent condition. It is fitted already!
    Mrs S Rutt

  3. Pam Lakin

    Many thanks, Anne, I love it. Idiot proof fixing for me!!
    I shall tell all my friends and family.
    Best wishes,

  4. Susan Finnegan

    Thank you for your speedy service,and a wonderful product.

  5. Barbara Williams

    Thanks for the update. The original Ecoflap letterbox is going strong, and we are absolutely thrilled with it. Our front door faces the prevailing wind, and takes a real battering, but since fitting the Ecoflap there are no draughts. Remarkable! Keep up the good work.

    We really ought to replace our wooden door in the next few years, so we’ll bear in mind your new product. I assume this can be fitted to a UPVC type door?

  6. Steven

    Our Architects where initially very sceptical when I suggested using an ecoflap to achieve air tightness when we were having our house refurbished.They really wanted us to have an externally mounted post box which. However once the ecoflap was installed they and we were very impressed and when we had an air test to check for leakages the ecoflap performed perfectly with no leaking. Well done and thanks for a great product

  7. Edouard Sefton

    How reassuring it is these days to have the opportunity of dealing with an organisation like Ecoflap, demonstrating efficiency, responsiveness and commonsense.

  8. Elizabeth

    Hi Anne,
    Thanks for sending through my ecoflap so quickly – and responding so promptly to my queries about fitting for my non-standard letterbox. I received the parcel the day after you received my order- and the flap proved very easy to fit (although I did use slightly longer screws than those you supplied). It’s working well – I no longer have a cold draft from my front door. An additional benefit… it’s much quieter than my old metal flap, which made me jump out of my skin every time it crashed back when the postman had been.
    Thanks again for your help- and a a great product.

  9. joseph gillespie

    Many thanks for providing me with the ecoflap so speedily, only 16 hours after placing my online order. I live in a wet and windy part of Scotland and much needed a solution to seal my draughty front external door victorian letterbox. I received the ecoflap this afternoon and fitted it immediately. Problem solved!, the ecoflap is airtight and it has stopped the ingress of wind and rain. I think this is a great piece of kit!.

    Many thanks again
    Kind regards

  10. Lucie Farrow

    Would like to say a big thank you for supplying me a draught-free letter box that actually works! We live on the waters edge in Kent and have tried for several years to find a solution to the draughts that blow through our letter box during the winter.I was hopeful that somewhere out there someone must have a solution – and you had! I had resorted to taping over the letter box before I went to bed but often forgot to take it off in the morning, much to the frustration of the postman.
    If you have any leaflets I would be glad to put them through the doors of my neighbours whom I’m sure must all suffer the same problem.

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