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How does Ecoflap work?

Use the force! The wind keeps it shut.

How does Ecoflap work?EF5354

The Ecoflap patented design ensures that whichever way the wind blows, Ecoflap blows itself shut and draught-proof. It is so effective it withstands 100mph winds yet the subtle difference in balanced forces means it can open with a single sheet of paper.

Here’s the science

The force always pushes harder to close the Ecoflap rather open it. This is because pivoting in the middle, viewed from the front, the top of the flap has the larger surface area. Viewed from the rear the lower part is largest, so the Ecoflap is always presenting its largest area to the draught, which blows it shut, not open. This prevents rattling and ensures the Ecoflap shuts behind itself every time.

How do large parcels get through?Large parcels get through an EcoFlap with ease

In additional to this smart but simple engineering, the flap will move completely up and out of the way when something is posted so large items such as Amazon book boxes pass through without being trapped or wedging the flap open. That means no more torn papers and parcels caught in springs. It also means parcels won’t sit wedged half in and half out all day, allowing cold air and damp to flow into your home.

Fitting Ecoflap without screws, nails or drills

fitting Ecoflap

Ecoflaps take about 2 minutes to fit

Using bathroom sealant you can safely stick the Ecoflap simply and cleanly to uPVC doors.

For those who prefer fitting Ecoflap with a more traditional mounting, you can mount with small screws for wood doors or with other adhesives for other surfaces.

Fitting Ecoflap is simple, but be sure to use the built-in lip on the Ecoflap to match up with the existing letter box aperture to align to the centre. The entire fitting should take less than two minutes.

N.B. Ecoflap works with horizontal letter box apertures only. Ecoflap will fit most letter boxes and door designs – even those with cross bars – but please check our Will it Fit? page, and/or download measurements to check.

Download measurement PDFs here:

General Measurements
Side on Measurements

Video: How to fit an Ecoflap

 Download printable full data sheet of dimensions here and Side-on-Measurements

Dimensions: Weight – 340g – Overall external size – 330mm x 117.5mm – Max internal aperture – 287.5mm x 53.25

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