Retrofit an EcoFlap

Retrofit upir door with an Ecoflap quickly and easily

Best ever Ecoflap summer sales

We’re delighted to report that Ecoflap is experiencing its best ever summer sales this year. We’d love to think that this is because people are heeding the retrofit message. Ecoflaps are so quick and easy to fit to any horizontal letterbox and cost a fraction of the big retrofit energy efficiency measures such as cavity wall insulation and new windows while making a big impact.

Icing on the cake

For those households that are undertaking major energy efficiency works such as a new boiler, an Ecoflap is the icing on the cake. Cold air can sneak in to a house in all sorts of places, but the hallway is a special case:

If you have a thermostat, chances are it’s in the hallway, and if you have a letterbox, chances are it will open into your hallway. Thermostats control boilers and unprotected letterboxes let in draughts, so a draught whistling in through the letterbox will lead the thermostat to believe that the house is chillier than it may really be.

Why heat up cold air?

The simple solution is to keep that cold air out in the first place and stop the boiler constantly having to warm up cold air. A retrofit Ecoflap keeps cold air out by shutting completely and to passivhaus standards. In windy conditions it  will only ever blow more firmly shut. Ecoflaps don’t rattle, yet open very easily for post to come through.

Ecoflap is a complementary measure

We think an essential component of retrofit advice is that energy efficient home appliances and smart thermostats in themselves do nothing to prevent cold blasts sneaking in. Seal those leaky spots and you will inevitably use less energy heating your house. Complement that with new boilers and smart thermostats and you’re well positioned to get the upper hand over that energy bill.