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Ecoflap’s new ad campaign in the Guardian

See here our new ad out 14th April 2012 as part of our drive to help keep the nation free from draughts and needless noise!


Ecoflap in Windows Active

Ecoflap and Ecoflap Twin featured in the May edition of Windows Active

The main trade magazine for door & window fabricators and installers has a feature explaining the major benefits of Ecoflap to the UK industry.

We are delighted to see Ecoflap being recognized and supported by an increasing number of companies and energy saving bodies in the UK but in one way we are not surprised.

Ecoflap embodies the main concerns everyone has in tough times, it saves money, energy and take virtually no time to fit.

If you want to see what Windows Active says, have a look at the PDF file Windows Active Ecoflap Article.

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