• Fitting windows effectively for top energy performance

    This recent technical article in The Installer magazine on fitting windows effectively raises a very good point: any energy saving measure is only as good as its installation, particularly when it comes to windows. We were shocked to read that windows can be so poorly fitted, assuming naïvely that high end window systems were ...

  • Minimum Energy Performance Standard

    What is the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS)?

    Minimum Energy Performance Standard – not only a mouthful but set to be a headache too. MEPS is the aspect of the 2011 Energy Act intended to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in the private rented sector, both residential and non-residential. The minimum standard proposed is band ...

  • Monitoring energy is not saving energy

    Monitoring energy vs taking real steps

    This section has focussed before on monitoring energy and the distinction between knowing (or thinking you know) how much energy you’re using, and taking real, measurable steps to reduce that energy consumption in a range of ways, eg thermostat control, insulation, lowere energy appliances and domestic habits. This article ...

  • Retrofit for energy efficiency success

    What makes a successful energy efficiency retrofit?

    Short-term thinking: a retrofit disaster

    I read an article on the Sustainable Homes website today that brought to mind a conversation with an ex-colleague, the property manager at a historic house in the south east of England. Her point was that ever since the sash windows had been ...

  • Older, not colder: warmer homes for older people

    Older, not colder

    Older, not colder: we were struck today by a report released by AgeUK looking at the effects of being cold on our older population. Specifically, it focussed on hard to heat houses and the costs associated with that.

    Wide ranging report

    The report ranges widely to cover health issues and excess deaths, managing ...