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Ecoflap Close

Ecoflap Close?

One recent Ecoflap good news story that has come to light is that of a certain Close, that we won’t name as they don’t want publicity.

One avant garde resident bought an Ecoflap and fitted it to their door.

So pleased with the draught free, noiseless result were they, that  they passed on the good news to their neighbours.

They in turn each bought their own Ecoflap and passed on the good news further.

Soon the entire Close had been fitted with Ecoflaps and to help complete the process, Richard Jessel, the Inventor of Ecoflap along with help from Mike Munday turned up to help install the last ones.

We think this is the first 100% Ecoflap Close. If you know better or you have an Ecoflap Street, let us know and you could win £100 to your chosen charity.

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  1. Anne

    Thank you Shaun,
    We will do everything we can to help you inform people of the availability of the Ecoflap product, as we know there are many people that are not internet computor users, who without your help would never know about the existance of Ecoflap. We will be in contact and thank you very much for your efforts to help and advise your local community.

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