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about us

Richard Jessel in working mode

About us should really be About Richard Jessel. Richard Jessel is the inventor of the Ecoflap (and many many other products besides). Both the Ecoflap and Petflap were developed in response to problems in Richard’s own home. He set out to solve them and in the process improved on all aspects of existing letterboxes and catflaps.

Richard has decades of expertise in electronics, materials and related fields. He’s been involved in the development of ultrasonics, security devices, cashpoint machines, colour TV and metal detectors, to name just a fraction of his many outstanding achievements. He’s attracted attention from television and radio, including Tomorrow’s World and Dragons Den.

Richard continues to devise and develop new ideas as well as refining existing products. Richard is a member of Mensa and involved in makers’ initiatives in his home town. Richard is particularly keen to help others learn the skills necessary to bring ideas to fruition.


As with many small businesses, the Ecoflap started out on a small scale and grew slowly. Initially Richard made the Ecoflaps in his workshop, but as word spread demand outstripped supply so a partnership was formed with a large-scale manufacturing facility. The range expanded to three colours, a widget was added for strength and Ecoflaps are now made in their thousands every year. They’re distributed from a fulfilment centre in Berkshire.

The office is based in Herefordshire and deals with all back office functions as well as marketing and customer enquiries.

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Keepnet Ltd, the company now behind Ecoflaps, is registered in England and Wales No 3566710.

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For general enquiries please email info@ecoflap.co.uk